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Granted, my art ability here isn't that good (and not a one of them is newer than 10 years old). But hopefully it gives you an idea of the cyber feel.

If you like one of these drawings and you just want to have it as your background or print out a copy to stick somewhere, go ahead. We'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to send us an email and let us know which one and why you liked it. Obviously we're not going to support any plot to take our drawings and pass them off as your own. Frankly, it's not a very bright thing to do choombatta. Making money off our drawings (as unlikely an idea as that might seem) and not giving us any of it is bad as well. We have Solos and we know how to use them.

If you'd like to use one of our pictures on your webpage, please ask permission (which we will probably be more than happy to give in exchange for a link back to this site). We might even be able to provide the drawing in a particular size you'd like. Also, please don't edit our drawings without out permission. Thanks!

All drawings are signed and therefore internationally copyrighted.
All Rights Reserved - ask for permission before using
Graphics, Content, Artwork © Copyright John Ryan Decker

Dione, 1995 Although I could not stop for death... (1995, 71k)
This piece was drawn after a particularly nasty Cyberpunk game featuring the attempted assassination of a PC by Dione, a member of the Valkyries boostergang. The scene is from the unfortunate PC's point of view.
Diana, 1995 Diana Poses (1995, 20k)
Diana is the first of my Cyberpunk NPCs that I really fleshed out with a history. It became so detailed that I decided to write a book about it, The Huntress Chronicles. Some of the stories within can be viewed above. This pict is scanned off of her character sheet.
Diana, 1999 Diana Headshot (1999, 19k)
With this sketch I was attempting to show Diana in a slightly more Jim Lee comic style. I plan on working on this more, eventually doing a full body shot in the current Valkyrie uniform.
Diana, 1994 Diana the Valkyrie (1994, 90k)
My attempt at showing Diana in the full Valkyrie dress uniform. This was back before I seriously modified the uniform to it's current, and more somber, design. I mean, really, that outfit is horrible. This picture will be replaced by a new version when time permits.
Dione, 1995 Dione Poses (1995, 275k)
One of my favorite Valks, this is a shot of Dione (Dai-Yo-Ne) in the same older uniform as Diana above. As you can tell, there are definite Psylock influences at work here (whom I used as a photo source).
Dione and Blaze, 1995 Dione and Blaze (1995, 68k)
A Japanese Corporate Fixer and a Japanese-American babe of a bodyguard, what better combination can you get in the twisted landscape of Cyberpunk's Neo-Tokyo? This sketch is a more light-hearted scene from one of my cyber scenarios involving a decades-old cruiseliner named Paradise.
Hitchin', 1995 Hitchin' a ride (1995, 65k)
I'm not really sure where this one came from, I guess I was bored one night. The bag that she's carrying to her mysterious destination is from Soulsound, a chromatic-rock band in some of my Cyberpunk campaigns. Maybe she's headed to a concert (and trouble).
Jessť, 1994 Jessica "Jessť" James (1994, 29k)
While she started merely as an NPC plot device, the ever-plotting Jessť James has weaseled her 17-year old self into many of my more popular Cyberpunk games. This pict is scanned in from her character sheet.
Jessť, 1994 Jessť with Gum (1994, 14k)
Jessť in a lighter moment. Note the oversized (read: stolen) trenchcoat and ripped antique jeans, all part of her particular Edgerunner style. This pict gives a decent look at her hair and eye colors.
Ada, 1994 Lady Ada of the Von Barons (1994, 87k)
The Von Barons are a smuggler-gang that I created for a few of my cyber games. They were based on European lines, with each member renaming themselves after famous European figures. This is the third in command of the Del Coronado Barony, Lady Ada Lovelace.
Ada, 1995 Lady Ada, Political Prisoner (1995, 61k)
After many games, the Von Barons were eventually wiped out by some over-zealous PCs. Lady Ada barely managed to escape, right into the arms of the authorities. She has since been released, and is forming the core of a new Del Coronado Barony.
Midnight, 1994 Midnight the Netrunner (1994, 148k)
The character of Midnight was played by my good friend Jon Schow. She was a Netrunner in a couple of my Cyber games before meeting an unfortunate end in flooded New Orleans. She's wearing a stolen Trama Tream jacket with her ever popular rocket-fist present. Above her is her Neonet Icon, a Douglas Shuler Sera Angel.
Umbriel, 1995 Umbriel the Sniper (1995, 90k)
Yet another of my Valkyries. Umbriel is their sniper, shown here in an evening dress by DecAy Designs.
Jett, 1997 Valarie "Jett" Benning (1997, 49k)
Val is one of my favorite characters, having made many appearences in my book and cyber games. She died in 2034, but seems to be making a name for herself in flashbacks. The necklace she's wearing are her grandfather's dogtags from WWII.
Von Baron's Dancer, 1996 Von Baron's Dancer (1996, 52k)
A Baron's style belly-dancer, complete with Masterlock castanets, performing at the party thrown for the rebuilding of the Del Coronado Barony in 2033. The patch on her sleeve shows her to be formerly of the Los Angeles Barony.
Zero, 1994 Zero the Netrunner (1994, 48k)
This is another sketch scanned in from a Cyberpunk character sheet. Zero is my first Netrunner--mostly just an experiment to learn the rules. He was fun to play, and the sketch reflects his humor in the face of overwealming danger. (Which he was usually in)

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