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Mr. Black
(Don Matthew Blake Jr.)

The Sinister Mr. Black

Gender: M       Age: 28       Class: Mafia
Affiliation: Blake Mafia
Description: 6'1", 183lbs, black hair, dark brown eyes
Weapon of choice: Militech mk3 autopistols
Known history: One of two twin sons of the Capo of the Blake Mafia, Matthew is the sole survivor of a short-lived operation schemed up by his deceased brother. Named Mr. Black and Mr. White, the intrepid brothers sought to increase the fame of the Blake Mafia through Street-level intervention and "face time" with the locals. This led to them eventually having to rescue their own father from an alliance of a Rogue AI and one of their power-hungry cousins. When Mr. White was killed on that mission, his brother has tried to go on without him.


(Diana Hunter) Diana the Huntress

Gender: F       Age: 21       Class: Boostergang
Affiliation: Valkyries Assassin-gang
Description: 5'7, 135lbs, blonde hair, green eyes
Weapon of choice: Longsword
Known history: Foster daughter of a wanted netrunner and political revolutionary, Diana fled her home at the age of 16 to the dangerous world of Del Coronado, California. Soon joining up with a local all-female boostergang, she has been a prominent leader in that group for the last five years. During which time she teamed up with the now-infamous Geo & Desoto, traded shots with the Night City Stalker, fell in love with an Air Force flyboy, and had a beautiful daughter named Kara. She is now working with her rival Kimberly Johnson to reorganize the scattered remains of her foster-father's once powerful militia oprganization, before it tears itself apart in a civil war.

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(Danielle Mazza) Div(0)

Gender: F       Age: 25       Class: Netrunner
Affiliation: Independent Stateline-based Edgerunner team
Description: 5'10", 130lbs, brown-tinted hair, sky-blue eyes
Weapon of choice: USAF Black-Widow heavy flectette pistol
Known history: Rebellious daughter of a strict corporate background. Leaving the safety of her former life, she has spent the last few years running with a team in Stateline--turning her school learnt computer skills into something more lucrative than simple tech work. Div has only kept up communications with her sister Sebrina, only recently learning about the death of her parents at the hands of a terrorist attack. In the last two months her life has taken some more turns for the worst, with the death of her sister and now being hunted by he United States Provisional Government for treason. Danielle's net-icon is a dark female-shaped black hole, sucking in all surrounding light with some occasional bursts of flashy white pulses.


Dodge Omni
(Franklin Preston)

Dodge Omni

Gender: M       Age: 27       Class: Media
Affiliation: Internet Service News
Description: 5'11", 179lbs, brown hair, brown eyes
Weapon of choice: Video uplink to the 'net
Known history: An avid online Sim-Stim gamer, Dodge Omni holds the odd distinction of being "The best Mechwarrior on the planet." When not living out his combat tendencies in the computer, Dodge is a travelling reporter for a 'net-based survival book: Traveller's Guide to Terra. An equally unique endeavour, its articles being submitted entirely by average citizens--who get paid depending on how many registered customers access their articles. Managing to make enough to live on, Dodge is always looking for the next big story.


(Danielle Cormack) Ephiny the Warrior

Gender: F       Age: 26       Class: Boostergang
Affiliation: Warriors of Ares Boostergang
Description: 5'8, 140lbs, dirty-blonde hair, green eyes
Weapon of choice: Mono-wolvers
Known history: Ephiny is Matthew Blake Jr's resident girlfriend and a member of the Warriors of Ares Boostergang. Kim vouches for her honorable nature, but that is very little to go on.


(Heidi Leick) Io

Gender: F       Age: 21       Class: Solo
Affiliation: Herself
Description: 5'8", 137lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes
Weapon of choice: Titanium-longsword
Known history: The daughter of a prominant member of the Advance Engineering corporation, Heidi witnessed first-hand the destruction of the facility and the death of her family at the hands of a terrorist attack. Now suffering from multiple personality disorders, she has sworn to avenge her family and is currently hunting down those responsible.


(Cpt. Jamie Duncan) Pilot Jamie Duncan

Gender: F       Age: 31       Class: Pilot
Affiliation: USPG National Guard
Description: 5'6", 119lbs, long brown pony-tail and light brown eyes.
Weapon of choice: F-142B Mosquito (Close-Support VTOL Aircraft)
Known history: An urban pilot for the USPG National Guard, Jamie inherited her plane from her father--a decorated pilot during the Militia Wars. While being known to assist Edgerunners in the past, she will not go along with any plan to harm the Provisional Government in any way. Jamie can usually be found scrounging for parts and bartering for fuel and ammunition. She is currently stationed in Del Coronado, California and it temporatily supporting the local police forces. Jamie has two younger sisters, both living.


(Sgt. Jennifer Lawrence) Jenn

Gender: F       Age: 27       Class: Solo
Affiliation: Komstellar Foundation Mercenary Organization
Description: 5'8", 132 lbs, dark brown hair, hazel eyes
Weapon of choice: M-31A1 Malorian Pulse-rifle
Known history: Jenn's parents were both members of the KFMO during the Militia Wars, she was raised in a prisoner camp by her mother until their release in 2024. Growing up with the stories and legends of the rebel mercs, she joined the underground team as a full member at age seventeen (2027). Selected for special-ops duty, she was present on Homestead Station with her partner Tackle during the USAF attack last year. Lucky for her, both were sent planet-side before the final destruction of the base. Jenn was still following her last given orders, to protect Kim, when she and Tackle were thrown into the brewing civil war in Colorado.


(Jessica James) Jessť

Gender: F       Age: 18       Class: Fixer
Affiliation: Corleone Mafia Family
Description: 5'4", 109lbs, soft brown hair and green eyes.
Weapon of choice: Other People
Known history: Little is known about Jesse', the local street Fixer. Sje looks the part of a street kid in a ruddy and well-used fixer's trenchcoat and a pistol that seems almost comicly too large for her. Rumor has it that she holds some nominal rank in the Corleone Mafia. The one thing that is known for certain is that Jessť James is, if anything, as dangerous as her namesake.


(Lt. Kimberly Cordellia Johnson) Kill-9

Gender: F       Age: 21       Class: Netrunner
Affiliation: Komstellar Foundation Mercenary Organization
Description: 5'4", 118 lbs, short brown hair, blue eyes
Weapon of choice: M-31A2 KFMO Pulse-rifle
Known history: Kimmie is the last apprentice of the net-god Archmage. Having been born into a highly-educated nomad pack, she chose to join the nomad-friendly KFMO to further her computer education. What she lacks in city smarts, she makes up for in intuition and quick thinking. She learns fast, one of the main reasons she was chosen to work directly with Archmage. Kimmie was present during the destruction of Homestead Station, and is one of the few people alive that knows what really happened. She recently wore the Colonel's Sword of Command, giving it to Archmage's foster-daughter so that she could begin rallying the remaining loyal troops. Nevertheless, Kim is generally considered to be the heir-designate to the Colonelship of the entire KFMO--even though she is still fairly low ranking. This dichotomy has been causing friction as of late between the remaining known members. While not a problem before, more "lost personnel" have been located every month since the accident and a struggle for power is immanent.


The Princess
(Dr. Ann Prin) The Princess

Gender: F       Age: 52       Class: Medtech
Affiliation: Komstellar Foundation Mercenary Organization
Description: 5'7", 110lbs, graying brunette with hazel eyes
Weapon of choice: Malorian microwaver carbine
Known history: A veteran and unwilling participant of the Milita Wars. Her medical skills saved the lives of most of the early KFMO members time and time again. After the war she delivered Diana, and later Diana's own daughter Kara. Her personality is simultaneously alluring and icy. She hates the Colonel with a passion, but still occasionally works for him. Col. Kirk had risked his own life multiple times to save her from US military attacks, and she is still unhappily in his debt. Prin will probably betray him if given the chance, but will warn him if the betrayal looks too nasty. She prefers corporate style outfits over her teammate's more militaristic ones. Her unofficial rank in the KFMO is Commander, approximately equal to a Second Lieutenant's status.


(Jacqueline Kelly)


Gender: F       Age: 20       Class: Boostergang
Affiliation: L'Narri Tribe of Stateline
Description: 5'9", 179lbs, brown body-hair, brown cat-eyes
Weapon of choice: Pop-up claws
Known history: A willing participant to genetic alteration, R'Bata is a member of a posergang that has physically altered itself to look like humanoid felines. Her "Tribe" is based specifically off a race from an early 21st century role-playing game, although it is unknown how many current members realize their clan's origins. Various other Cat-tribes have been popping up around the world, each with their own theme. It is believed that most of the genetic conversions being done on these people is the work of the Tyrell Corporation.


(AI 607-AXR) Artificial Intelligence 607-AXR

Gender: F       Age: 4       Class: Netrunner
Affiliation: Unknown
Description: Varies
Weapon of choice: Long-bow Assault Program v3.2
Known history:

(excerpt thereof)

AI NAME: T'Plani
INCEP DATE: 21 December 2030
CREATOR(S): Cpt. Christopher J. Dorman, Mst Sgt. Valarie J. Benning
OWNER AT INCEP: Komstellar Foundation
CURRENT STATUS: Presumed destroyed through USAF intervention, 28 August 2034.
DESCRIPTION: Humanoid female. Dressed in a variety of outfits: most commonly seen include deerskin-leathers, Medieval armors, and modern infantry combat armor (NATO make).
       Height: 1.7m (5'7")
       Weight: 47kg (105lbs)
       Hair: Blonde
       Eyes: Green

CAUTION: This is a ROGUE AI. Treat with extreme care. Avoid contact and report all sightings to NETWATCH, MICROTECH, ADVANCE ENGINEERING, or the USAF/USPG. Last reports indicate a possible personality split and INT jump. However, this can not be confirmed nor denied.


(Cprl. Calvin Jones)

Gender: M       Age: 25       Class: Solo
Affiliation: Komstellar Foundation Mercenary Organization
Description: 6'1", 183lbs, blonde hair, dark blue eyes
Weapon of choice: Custom 40mm pump-action grenade-launcher
Known history: When teamed with his partner Jenn, Calvin can be a lethal force in combat. Given to the problem of shooting first and asking questions later, he usually looks to her for direction. When not blowing the hell out of things Tackle is your quintessential big, likeable lug. He got his nickname last year on a special assignment with the Valkyrie assassin-gang of Del Coronado. During a particularly dangerous round of pillow fighting he attempted to disarm three of his scantily-clad opponents, but ended up simply tackling them into the communications array instead. Jenn was less that pleased when her favorite show, Armed and Dangerous Renegade Cyber-Nuns on Wheels, was suddenly cut off. She's teased the big guy about it ever since, and he puts up with it with good humor...most of the time. Tackle as still following her last given orders, to protect Kim, when he and Jenn were thrown into the brewing civil war in Colorado.



Gender: M       Age: mid-20's       Class: Media
Affiliation: News Net 54
Description: 6'1", 180lbs, red fox biosculpt, dark blue eyes
Weapon of choice: Militech Ronin with M203 Grenade launcher
Known history: A reporter for NN54, the body-sculpted Redtail became famous for breaking the story of illegal corporate testing happening on the streets of Night City. He and his furry blue partner McCoy can often be seen in the local clubs looking for their next big story.


Alison Taylor
Ali Taylor, All Rights Reserved. Do Not Use Image Without Permission Of The Webmaster. (We mean it choombatta)

Gender: F       Age: 23       Class: Media
Affiliation: ITN-Europe
Description: 5'5", 120lbs, blonde hair, dark green eyes
Weapon of choice: Satellite Uplink to the MediaNet
Known history: A reporter for the International News, Ali is a well liked if somewhat naive reporter. Timm will tell if she grows into the position her poularity has placed her in.

The Honored Dead

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