The party has a few allies that can help them out in times of need. 
While some are stalwart friends, others aren't as trustworthy. It
is up to the party to remember which is which at any given moment.  

"Well, short help is better than no help at all."

--Han Solo

Kerin Seltiss   Targeter   Dran Megrev   Bah'Ger Fenn  

Kilarra Warr   Diyar   Harvey Kale   RM-2020-D  

Kerin Seltiss, Herglic

Kerin Seltiss
Gender: M          Age: 110
Species: Herglic         Homeworld: Giju
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Description: 2.4m tall with with black eyes and thick black skin
Occupation: Outlaw Tech

Connection with characters: Kerin Seltiss was a family friend to Vica and Ura Theslin, Var and Rel's parents. It would also seem that he knew Vica's brother Larjin and his wife Tila, as they had stopped at his repair shop at least once in the last few years. Kerin is an outlaw tech, operating under the cover business of Trifel Shipping out of Ord Mantell. He and his crew evacuated the planet with the party and plan on setting up shop again in the floating space stations above Duro. As the party is beginning to suspect, Kerin Seltiss and most of his crew are members of the Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic.



Gender: F          Age: 24
Species: Human         Homeworld: Alderaan
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Procurement and Supply Division
Description: 1.7m tall with with green eyes and stark white hair
Occupation: Spy

Connection with characters: Targeter has a holographic and audiographic memory: she forgets nothing she sees or hears. Bail Organa originally assigned Targeter to the Rebellion's Procurement and Supply division and she was off-planet when the Empire obliterated Alderaan. Targeter's gift became a silent curse as she can never shake the memories of her departed friends and destroyed world. She rarely lets her feelings show, though at times, in private, her grief is almost too much to bear. Her rigid control over her emotions and her no-nonsense approach to her duties have caused some to comment that her name befits her icy personality. Working for the Alliance, Targeter supplies valuable intelligence regarding the location and layout of Imperial supply caches. This information has proved vital to Alliance raiding parties who would follow extremely detailed maps based on Targeter's recollections. Her effectiveness has gained her a position in the Empire's most-wanted lists, though the Imperials and the party only know her by her code-name. Targeter keeps mobile, serving in a number of commands under a variety of code-names and aliases.


Dran Megrev, Human

Dran Megrev
Gender: M          Age: 28
Species: Human         Homeworld: Alderaan
Affiliation: Rebel Sympathizer
Description: 6'0", 190lbs. Short brown hair and green eyes. Dran wears an old leather jacket, militia uniform pants with spacer's boots and gloves. He wears a heavy blaster pistol in a quickdraw holster on his right side.
Occupation: Captain of the "Remembrance"

Connection with characters: Dran and crew accidently rescued one member of the party from Imperial captivity after they were captured at the Battle of Ord Mantell. Hoping to procure a shipment of spin-sealed Tibanna Gas, Dran was unhappy to find out that he'd raided an imperial prisoner transport instead. Cursing his faulty intelligence information, he quickly ordered the prisoners released and transfered to the Remembrance. Once there they fought their way clear of the local garrison and jumped into hyperspace. Dran was secretly a rebel sympathizer and took the rebels and the other former prisoners to the Ghambeezi Drift, where hopefully they could contact the Rebellion and find their missing ships. Dran's shipmates and partners are a Rhodian gunner named Hqunlx "The Bug" and an arrogant noble who answers only to the name of Princess.


Bah'Ger Fenn, Twi'lek

Bah'Ger Fenn
Gender: M          Age: 34
Species: Twi'lek         Homeworld: Ryloth
Affiliation: Black Sun Crime Syndicate
Description: 5'6", 165lbs. Pasty pale Twi'lek male dressed in shabby human Corporate Sector suits. Bah'Ger speaks with a lower-class "East End" Core accent.
Occupation: Fixer, fence, info broker, slave trader and general psychotic lowlife

Connection with characters: Bah'Ger is a Twi'lek fixer on the Ghambeezi Drift Station who was referred to the party by the smuggler Dran Megrev. Not without proper warning, however. Bah'Ger is not to be fully trusted, but does tend to come through on his end of the bargain when pushed (or threatened). Appropriately, his full Twi'lek name Bahger'fenn roughly translates as "industrious annoyance"--which seems to fit his personality. Most people think he's a psychotic lowlife. Which may, in fact, be an insult to the psychotic lowlife community. A passenger of Dran's once described Bah'Ger like this: "I've known a dozen like him. Skipped off home early, minor graft jobs here and there. Spent some time in the lock-down, I warrant, but less than he claims. Now he's what, a petty thief with delusions of standing? Sad little king of a sad little hill."


Kilarra Warr

Gender: F          Age: 120
Species: Wookie          Homeworld: Kashyyyk
Affiliation: Old Republic
Description: 6'0" Albino Wookiee with Gargoyle sunglasses and a hair dye kit
Weapon of choice: Sienar Fleet Systems Laser Cannon
The part of Kilarrawarr was played by: Karen

Known character history: A member of the Republic Explorer Corps until their disbanding after the fall of the Republic, Captain Warr is still in command of her small REC scoutship Longshot. Unable to return home due to the Imperial blockade of Kashyyyk, she has been drifting the Mid and Outer Rim for the past 30 years. She has recently picked up a partner, the human Frida Lovelace. Neither of whom know how to properly maintain a starship.

Wookie Musings:

Kilarrawarr's thoughts concerning the events in Act I scene i

Famous Quote: ""


Diyar Aditi

Gender: F          Age: mid-20's
Species: Human          Homeworld: unknown
Affiliation: Herself
Description: Visual slideshow available from this Data Terminal (4.56MB)
Weapon of choice: Hold-out blaster
The part of Diyar was played by: Mia

Known character history:
Diyar: My name is Summana/Ulya/Mittar, gracious sir. And you are? My mere family name, good sir, is nothing compared to this lovely evening and fragrant wine! ~pats her heart, spreads her other hand innocently, brushing his arm lightly with her moving hand, if he doesn't look flinchy~ Come sit. Let us have a drink and talk about what you need...

Height: Deceptive
Weight: Weightless
Hair: Captivating
Eyes: Entrancing
Age: Timeless
Home: I am

Ah, you wish to find this strangely deluded man who mistook you for a hapless child? You believe him to be in Boonietown, just now? Certainly, I can do that for you. I've been a discreet scout for ten years, and I'm intimately familiar with Boonietown; an interesting settlement, with its own fascinating character and history. If you wish to travel with me, it will be a lovely stroll across the cool sands. There's a private little oasis halfway there - we can rest under the stars, if you like. ~quirks an increasingly seductive smile during that sentence~ We can arrive in Boonietown and surprise the scoundrel in 12 hours, including time to rest and refresh. We can leave this very evening, as soon as three hours from now.

Lovely! ~casts the mark an admiring gaze - sure, she must have meant lovely him~

I am pleased to offer that our pleasant stroll will require only three purses, cash - your lord will be pleased with your frugality and courage.
~murmurs the following patter and touches the mark's hand as he passes her the cash~
Mmm ... plus supplies - perhaps a delicious snack for the oasis? ~suggestive smile~
Two thirds up front, of course, as is the rule.

Thank you for your trust, kind sir. It is a privilege to do business with men of honor such as yourself. I will meet you here in three hours. We will have a delightful night's travel. ~smiles and departs~ ~glides off to scratch under her disguise, find a map and a transport off-planet, and to send a lied-to, half-paid scoundrel lookalike ahead to Boonietown Bar (only three hours away), in case she must follow through with the ridiculous hike~

Objectives: Try everything at least once. Make Money. Capture? Unthinkable!

Personality: Whatever others wish to believe. Probably elegant, to the Party. Certainly above all of this dusty imperial-rebel ... ~waves hand dismissively~

Connection With Other Characters: Whatever they prefer to believe.

More on Diyar's Backstory:
Diyar's Biography

Famous Quotes:
"Certainly, I can do that for you. What is mere fry-cookery/thaumaturgy/detecting/bartending/abducting/auscultation compared to this luscious wine/hooch/brackish water you are so graciously sharing with me? A toast in gratitude to our lives and our loves!"

"This information, I obtained at great cost from Lord's Fussbudget's private bodyguard, who drew his last breath in my arms, as blaster fire streaked around us. I should think that such an irreplaceable resource would be worth at least two purses to a man of your influence."

"I raise you three purses and ... ~sigh~ regrettably, this lovely ring, my heart's dearest and a great, great loss. ~small tear and slightly trembling chin~ Lord Fussbudget's private bodyguard confessed his deep and abiding love to me as he died in my arms, while blaster fire streaked around us. Now, I risk sacrificing this heart of my hearts so that I can repair my ship and return to our great Lord, saddened and stricken with the devastating news of his bodyguard and my dear love. "


Harvey Kale
Harvey Kale

Gender: M          Age:
Species: Kushiban          Homeworld: Kushibah
Affiliation: Himself
Weapon of choice: Bah'ger's vibro dagger
The part of harvey was played by: GiGi

Known character history:

Famous Quote: "*chomps on cigar and grumbles*"


Espionage Droid

Model: MerenData RM-2020          Age: 1
Species: Droid          Homeworld: Constructed on Mechis III in the Corporate Sector Authority
Affiliation: Property of Rel Theslin
Description: Roughly humanoid armored torso that floats above the ground on a repulsor engine. Has weapons extending from both arms and various grasping claws protruding from the bottom of the torso.
Weapons of choice: Wide-Dispersal Ionizer, Defensive Energy Cannon
The part of RM-2020-D "Delta" was played by: Donavan

Known character history:
The MerenData RM-2020 is an entirely diffrent type of espionage droid, and it makes no attempt to hide its true purposes. Because it is not designed to inflatrate polite security but instead it is used on the battle field to gather intelligence data on troop movements and weak point in enemy lines. The RM-2020 move about on its speedy repulsorlift engine, and its hardwired espionage module includes an information recording/broadcast system. While the droids visual/audio sensor package includes ultraviolet and infrared detectors. The droid runs for around 160,000 credits each, but even at the high cost per unit they are very much worth the price. There have also been some commanders that have wished to risk the RM-2020's by sending it into an enemy camp to engage in covert sabotage, and with a little combat training these droids can be turned into lethal killing machines. In recent months, many "upgraded" RM-2020s have been confiscated by the Empire.

Game Information:
The unusual physical appearance of this droid has been confirmed in three separate images from two different sources: Cynabar's Fantastic Technology Droids (pp. 85) and The Essential Guide to Droids (pp. 186,187).

Famous Quote: "I use my sensors to listen in to their communications."


All NPCs are played by: J. Ryan Decker

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