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Rel Theslin
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Haesyien Tret
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Frida Lovelace

Var Theslin
Var Theslin
Bounty Hunter

Gender: F          Age: 21
Species: Human          Homeworld: none
Affiliation: Rel Theslin, cute TIE fighter pilots
Description: brown hair, brown eyes, most commonly seen wearing her mother's red and purple armor. Var has a tattoo running up her spine as well as small facial tattoos. She keeps her heavy blaster with her at all times unless she is prevented by security.
Weapon of choice: blaster, but she is talented in hand to hand combat as well
Occupation: Shabiir (Mando'a, "Screw up")
The part of Var is played by: Jennie

Known character history: Var's father, Vica, was a former Republic officer who resigned and became a bounty hunter around the time of the Clone Wars, much to the horror of his well-bred family, whose political standing was damaged by his actions. When he married Ura, also a bounty hunter, he was disowned by his family and only maintained sporadic contact with his one brother. Ura had no surviving family. Vica believed that in its latter years the Republic was crippled by corruption. He also believed that the Empire was simply a new incarnation of the Republic that might eventually correct the flaws and return peace and stability to the galaxy. As a former officer he remained loyal to the Empire, if disillusioned about its methods and goals and uneasy with Palpatine being declared Emperor. He viewed the Rebel Alliance as a misguided, bumbling threat to the civilian populace. He advocated loyalty and adherence to the chain of command, but never to do so without thought. Blind loyalty to any cause, he said, was the most dangerous thing in the galaxy.

Var was seven when her mother accidently became pregnant with Rel. As far as Var is concerned, life went downhill from there. Var was perfectly happy to be an only child and didn't welcome her sister's birth. She felt that Rel stole her parent's attention and since then has been driven to realign the family's pecking order by either proving herself to be the better family asset, or making her parents very angry. Thus, Var became both a source of pride and deep frustration to her parents. She took to bounty hunting instinctively, proving herself in tough combat situations again and again, but her weakness for TIE fighter pilots, brawling, drinking, and inability to stick to a curfew made her parents wary of trusting her with more responsibility.

Var finally convinced them to let her take a solo mission, promising to watch her behavior. Her mission was unsuccessful and she returned to Corellia to discover her parents were the victims of sabotage when their ship, the Scarlet Flag, suffered a catastrophic mechanical malfunction, killing all on board. Var immediately began to investigate and learned that the head of a smuggling ring her parents had been stalking for weeks was responsible. Var, naturally, swore revenge, but her plans were spoiled when she received emergency contact from Rel. Rel was planetside for a SAGroup meeting when the accident occured, and she'd been on her own for several days. Var was glad to be reunited with her sister, but soon the responsibility of being Rel's guardian came crashing down on her shoulders. Struggling with the loss of her parents and confused about her course of action, Var fell into her old habit of carousing. It wasn't until she was attacked by thugs hired by Drell Gor'vdon, the smuggler who killed her parents, that Var realized that Gor'vdon knew of their survival and that she and her sister were in grave danger. Gor'vdon wants the bragging rights for killing the entire Theslin clan as a warning to others who would target him.

Var decided that she must find a safe home for Rel, both to hide her from Gor'vdon and because Var thinks Rel deserves a better guardian who can give her a stable home. Var remembered an aunt and uncle her father spoke of occasionally and decided that they were her best hope. Var sobered up and got to work tracking down old family friends through her parent's network of informants. She learned that her aunt and uncle once lived on Alderaan, but may have moved before the destruction of the planet. She was led to Ord Mantell with the name of a man who worked with her parents for several years. Var also suspects she was tailed by one of Gor'vdon's operatives for at least part of the trip.

Var is still having a very hard time facing her guilt over the loss of her parents, as well as being responsible for her sister's safety. She will snap and revert to bad behavior if she feels too pressured. Var hates it when Rel assumes the role of authority figure and, ironically, is apt to demonstrate her most stupid, stubborn, irresponsible behavior when confronted by her sister. Nobody can push Var's buttons like Rel, especially when Rel doesn't mean to do so.

Var is deliberately keeping information from Rel regarding Gor'vdon's involvement in their parent's death, as well as his current pursuit and intent to kill them both. She doesn't know how much Rel has figured out on her own. Var worries if Rel knows the truth that she will want to confront Gor'vdon and be killed as a result, and Var also doesn't want Rel to live in fear for her life. Consequently, some of Var's actions (such as getting rid of the ship) and her single-minded determination to leave Rel with their aunt and uncle may seem bizarre or mean to Rel. Var doesn't like how this has damaged Rel's opinion of her, but she's used to being the family screw-up.

Var may act like Rel is pond scum, but she is completely devoted to Rel's safety (as anybody who is around Var when Rel is threatened will discover). All other loyalties and connections take a distant back seat. Rel is the only family she has left, and family always comes first. Var would rather die than admit that she secretly thinks Rel is smarter than she is and admires her discipline.

Var's greatest fear is that her unreliable behavior will result in Rel's death. Unfortunately, she finds the thought of this failure so terrifying that she is driven to the same behavior that could destroy them both.

The Bounty Hunter's Tale:
Var's backstory three weeks prior to the events in Act I scene i
5 Minutes on Ord Mantell during the events in Act I scene iv
Chatting with the Admiral during the events in Act I scene v
Mandalorian Subtlety after the events in Act II scene v

Famous Quotes:
"Here, go play with this blaster. Shoot yourself, please."

"I swear by the black stars you won't live to see your sixteenth birthday!"

"Yeah, well, I'm taller than you, squirt, so that means I'm in charge and you get to shut up."

"I don't owe him 10,000 credits. He's a blasted liar. The ship was worth at least 3,000 and that means I only owe him 7,000."

"If I knew how much I drank we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we?"

"Are you threatening my sister?"


Rel Theslin
Rel Theslin
Space Rat

Gender: F          Age: 13
Species: Human          Homeworld: none
Affiliation: Var Theslin
Description: 4'4" 80lbs
She is usually dressed in a coverall with a loose jacket and often a satchel over one shoulder. Around most people she is shy and quiet but laidback.
Imperial Alternate: Cleanly braided dark hair and blue eyes (contacts) She is dressed in a well fitting and pressed COMPNOR SAGroup Uniform, her back straight and the sure gaze of a leader in her element.

Weapon of choice: Dad's old Blastpistol
Occupation: Ship's Chief Engineer
The part of Rel is played by: Josh

Known character history: Younger sister of the bounty hunter Var Theslin, she is in many ways the elder of the two. Rel sees it as her duty to protect Var, especially from herself. An aspiring member of the COMPNOR SAGroup, she has excelled in technical areas but due to family ties her loyalties are questionable. One rumor is that she is only in the SAGroup to quell suspicions her father(deceased) was entertaining supporters of the Rebellion.

Rel's datapad entries:

"So… We got a plan?"
"I swear we're in a bad holovid"
"Reprogramming a datapad, the first of the days annoyances"
"I thought the hat gave me away (part 1)"

Famous Quote: "What did you do with the ship?!?"


Seela'Fenn, Twi'lek

Gender: F          Age: 27
Species: Twi'lek         Homeworld: Ryloth
Affiliation: Her saviors, Diyar and Yanna
Description: 5'7", 125lbs. A beautiful, alabaster-white Twi'lek female who dresses in a variety of outfits. Seela often speaks in her native Twiliki.
Weapon of choice: Herself
Occupation: Ex-slave, trained in the arts of seduction, negotiation, and culinary mastery. Currently the ship's cook.
The part of Seela is played by: Jon

Known character history: Trained at both the Academies on Ryloth and the best training houses of the inner-core, Seela was raised from an early age to be a prize slave. She was to be sold to a high-ranking Imperial Admiral from a powerful family, the proceeds of which would go to improving her clan. Seela'fenn accepted her lot in life, but was horrified when her exiled cousin Bah'Ger managed to cut a more profitable deal with a less than savory Imperial Grand Moff. Struggling as she was led away, she was saved by the fortuitious arrival of the party into Bah'Ger's den. With all the turns her life has taken recently, Seela is very happy to be living on the Privilege. Strong-willed and level-headed, she hopes to prove her worth as a crewmate.

Seela's datapad entries:

"Where to begin..."
"I'm surprised to find how violent the universe is."
"By some stroke of luck we managed to escape the giant space kudzu."
"It's like putting your ear to the stone wall"
"A teacher! A real teacher!"
"I got a glimpse of myself today"

Famous Quotes:
"My family is my strength and my weakness."

"I have always believed that my silence on several topics will be an advantage in the long run."


Haesyien Tret
Haesyien Tret, Padawan

Gender: M          Age: 37
Species: Human         Homeworld: Grizmallt
Affiliation: Unknown
Description: 6'1" 183lbs, Tanned, which denotes spending a good amount of time planet side. Athletic build, but always seems very laid back and relaxed.
Weapon of choice: Blue Lightsaber
The part of Haesyien Tret is played by: Jeremy

Known character history: A wanderer from Grizmallt, of which he is obviously a native. Doesn't appear particularly strong but his movements are graceful and he seems very aware of his surroundings. Hair is black, but has a purple sheen in direct light. Hair would probably be long, coming to the middle of the back. Usually has it partially tied back, taking the sides into a pony tail leaving the majority of the back open. Hair is very well kept. Loves life, goes out of his way to experience new things. Would definitely be the first to act on another's behalf. Kind of a balance between a Peace Core worker and a Kid backpacking through Europe.

Famous Quote: ""


Yanna Tarassi
Yanna Tarassi, Human
Starship Engineer

Gender: F          Age: 17
Species: Human         Homeworld: Coruscant-Corellia Hyperspace Lane
Affiliation: Crew of the Viridian's Gambit
Description: 5'7", 127lbs. Long brown hair and teal-colored eyes.
Yanna dresses in technician jumpsuits and is rarely seen without her hydrospanner and sonic screwdriver.

Occupation: Starship Engineer

Connection with characters:

Born on her father's YT-1300 light freighter somewhere along the Coruscant-Corellian hyperspace lane, Yanna was thrust into the life of a spacer from an early age. Never knowing her mother, Yanna was raised by her father in the best way he knew how. Growing up amongst the stars, she learned the value of a good mechanic and a quick wit. Yanna learned to fast-talk her way through Imperial pickets by the time she was in her early teens, gaining her the reputation of a sort of "lucky charm" to have along on smuggling runs. Usually up to her elbows with grease from the engine room, she never leaned to be like the proper ladies that she sometimes saw at the starports in the Core worlds. Openly friendly with the worst sort of smuggler scum in the Galaxy, Yanna could often be found reading from the collection of datacard novels that she had collected over the years. Never one for romances, she prefered the exciting tales of the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic--one day hoping to have her chance to have an adventure of her own.

That day came all too soon when an Imperial boarding crew discovered her collection. A firefight broke out between the Imperials and the crew of her father's ship, who mistakenly believed that the Imps had found their contraband spice. In the resulting battle, the crew managed to force the Imperials off the ship but they were caught trying to flee to hyperspace by an Interdictor cruiser. Tossed into an escape pod by her father, Yanna could only watch as the Imperials pounded the ship to scrap with their turbolasers. Eventually picked up by another smuggling ship, Yanna has been drifting from one place to the next trading repair skills for passage. She hoped to one day avenge the death of her father by bringing good and justice back into the Galaxy. Someday, she vowed, she was going to be a Jedi Knight--just like in the stories.

More recently, Yanna has been serving as a crewman aboard the Viridian's Gambit as the ship's engineer. Her blooming Force talents were tainted by the Dark Side of the Force while attempting to assist Lim Res, and later Diyar, in a series of firefights on the Ghambeezi Drift Station. Yanna is slowly succumbing to the seduction of the Dark Side during frequent periods of fear and anger in her life.

Yanna's Cutscenes

"I thought the hat gave me away (part 2)"

"Don't pay anybody in advance. And don't ride in anything with a Capissen 38 engine, they fall right out of the sky."


Frida Lovelace
Frida Lovelace
Ex-Holofilm Star

Gender: F          Age: early 40s
Species: Human          Homeworld: Chandrila
Affiliation: Screen Actors Guild
Weapon of choice: Her considerable acting skills
The part of Frida was played by: Ellen

Known character history:
A well known Holofilm star from the Core Worlds, Frida has been blacklisted by the Empire for "political deviancy" and is currently wanted by the ISB for questioning. She has been traveling the Mid-Rim with the free-Wookiee Kilarrawarr in the Wookiee's small scoutship to avoid the unpleasantness of an Imperial interrogation.

She made some hip movies as a hot young actress Pre-Empire, and then suffered through the Imperial censorship with growing discontent. Frida got invited to do a Real holovid, with real acting, as opposed to the usual propaganda. However, she knew she would be in a lot more trouble if it had actually gotten completed and distributed. Still, Frida convinced the people interviewing her about her role that she was still just a bubble-headed bimbo who couldn't possibly have considered sedition! "Gee, mister, they just gave me a script, I didn't actually read it in advance, I sure wouldn't have taken the job if I'd known it'd be bad for my career, *bat bat*." She didn't stick around to see if they really believed her, though.

Unfortunately, Frida is Not Good at keeping a low profile. Growning up as a child star, she is used to being a central figure wherever she goes--in fact, she rather likes it. Frida dyed her hair, that was enough of a sacrifice to being undercover as she was willing to go. If not for Kilarrawarr's natural tendency to avoid Imperial entanglements, Frida would of been captured her first week away from Chandrilla.

Famous Quote: "Is this a dirty planet? Oh, then I won't be getting off the ship."


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