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Cover of the Cyberpunk rulebook

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The Screamsheets:
March 15th, 2035

The Corporations control the world from their skyscraper fortresses, enforcing their rule with armies of cyborg assassins. On the Street, Boostergangs roam a shattered urban wilderness, killing and looting. The rest of the world is a perpetual party, as fashion-model beautiful techies rub biosculpted bodies with battle-armored roadwarriors in the hottest clubs, sleaziest bars and meanest streets this side of the Postholocaust. Oil rains from the sky, spare parts are grown in vats, trees are a myth, and the last bird died in 2028...   The Future never looked so bad.

But you can change it. You've got interface plugs in your wrists, weapons in your arms, lasers in your eyes, bio-chip programs screaming in your brain. You're wired-in, Cyber-enhanced and more solid state that a 20th Century tank. You can take it to the fatal Edge where only the toughest and coolest can go. Why? Because you're a CYBERPUNK. And the world is counting on you to save them.

The Character Roles:

  • Boosterganger: Cyber-equipped predators of the new Urban jungle.
  • Combat Engineer: An expert on the flow of war, and how to channel it.
  • Cop: Maximum force police, the Old West Marshalls reborn.
  • Corporate: Slick business raiders playing the deadly corporate power game.
  • Detective: Police flatfoots and Private Investigators for the new era.
  • Fixer: Streetsmart middlemen who can get anything... for a price.
  • Mafia: The backbone of the biggest "Families" in the world.
  • Medtech: Cutting-edge doctors that make Bones McCoy look like a candystriper.
  • Media: High-tech reporters going to the wall to get the truth.
  • Model: Genetically altered beauties with the world as their playground.
  • Netrunner: The best hackers the world has ever seen--or not seen.
  • Nomad: The scattered remains of family farmers and teachers, just trying to survive.
  • Pilot: The modern hot-shot flyboys of the sky and beyond.
  • Politician: Charasmatic leaders swaying the public through sheer willpower.
  • Ripperdoc: Underground medics specializing in black-market cyberweapons.
  • Rocker: Hard-rock heros fighting for freedom through music.
  • Salesman: From data-broker to drug dealer, these are the masters of the deal.
  • Street-Preacher: From Catholics to Cultists, they're out there to spread the Word.
  • Soldier: They were trained by the Government, and then left to their own devices.
  • Solo: Street-level cybersoldiers designed to survive the back-alleys.
  • Techie: Think MacGyver... on Caffiene-laced Speed.

"At last they created a new genre itself. 3... 2... 1... Let's Jam."


My Cowboy Bebop conversion for Cyberpunk

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