Leaders of the Masses

Politician \Pol`i*ti"cian\, n. [Cf. F. politicien.] 1. One versed or experienced in the science of government; one devoted to politics; a statesman. 2. One primarily devoted to his own advancement in public office, or to the success of a political party; -- used in a depreciatory sense; one addicted or attached to politics as managed by parties (see {Politics}, 2); a schemer; an intriguer; as, a mere politician.

That's what Webster had to say, way back in 1913. Amazingly enough, little has changed. The Politician is still a public leader, be they democratically elected or self-imposed. They're skills differ little from those of the Musician, they can both sway crowds, influence populations, and control thousands of people with their sheer charisma. If you don't think that means much with all the gun-toting thugs out there in the Combat Zone, just remember this: Hitler was a Politician. Just look at the size of the gang he was able to get to follow him...


  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Awareness/Notice
  • Education and General Knowledge
  • Wardrobe and Style
  • Composition
  • Persuasion/Fast Talk
  • Oratory
  • Social
  • History
  • Library Search
Charismatic Leadership: A Politician's Charismatic Leadership ability acts exactly the same way as a Musician's. It is their ability to control a crowd equal to the skill level squared times 200. Charismatic Leadership is based on the character's COOL stat.

Chief Minister

"As you requested, we have canceled the bounty and we are debating about prohibiting the fishing of sea rats on Ganymede as well. We will keep a stable population using limitations on hunting them... You said a PROHIBITION of hunting? No, we don't need some punishment to understand. *click* AH! Hey! WAIT! T-This is an emergency! Get the President!"

Chief Minister of Operations
Ganymede Department of Defense

[Assassin] [Combat Engineer] [Cop] [Corporate] [Cowboy]
[Detective] [Doctor] [Drifter] [Fixer] [Gambler] [Hacker]
[Model] [Musician] [Pilot] [Politician] [Reporter] [Salesman]
[Soldier] [Street-Preacher] [Syndicate] [Techie] [Thug] [Trucker]

Pilot and Detective original Character Roles for Cyberpunk by Jon Schow, used with permission.

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