Masters of the Mechanical

Techies, the masters of all things mechanical, are the few people in the modern era that actually have some grasp on the electronic world that surrounds them. A crucial ability in an environmant were no one really knows how half the stuff works. They are able to strip apart, repair, alter, and occasionally destroy virtually every piece of technology they can get their hands on.

Extremely valued members of society, a well-trained techie can mean the difference between a successful operation and dying amid the smoking remains of a thousand technological devices. Most of the combat types don't think they they need technical skills and tend to scoff at the Techs, but you can bet that they'll be grovelling at that same Techie's feet when the chips are down--you can't intimidate much when your cybernetic spinal column locks up. The smart individuals have learned the value of protecting their favorite Techie. Always willing to try out the newest gadget or "toy", Techies can be one of the most valued members of any bounty hunting team.


  • Jury Rig
  • Awareness/Notice
  • Basic Tech
  • CyberTech
  • Teaching
  • Education and General Knowledge
  • Electronics
  • TECH skill (pick one)
  • TECH skill (pick one)
  • TECH skill (pick one)
Jury Rig: The special ability of the Techie to temporarily repair or alter just about any piece of electronics or machinery. Predictably, this skill adds to the characters TECH stat.


"Gimme the EV Transmitter, the absorber for the main gear and the three-eight pneumatic tube! Why doesn't the fuel injector have a silencer on it? Don't need one. If you put one in, then I can't hear what it's telling me! Just hurry up and connect the injector. Do you want to use a machine, or do you want the machine to use you? Which is it?"

Expert Aerospace Technician


"A three-eight isn't popular anymore... Why don't you switch to the new five-zero? And if you change the navigation to full-auto then you can glide along without manual steering! Then you can kick it into overdrive! Yeah!"

Doohan's assistant

[Assassin] [Combat Engineer] [Cop] [Corporate] [Cowboy]
[Detective] [Doctor] [Drifter] [Fixer] [Gambler] [Hacker]
[Model] [Musician] [Pilot] [Politician] [Reporter] [Salesman]
[Soldier] [Street-Preacher] [Syndicate] [Techie] [Thug] [Trucker]

Pilot and Detective original Character Roles for Cyberpunk by Jon Schow, used with permission.

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