Silver-Tongued Wizards of the Deal

A dangerous fusion of greed and ambition, the Salesman is what happens when the Corporations hit the Street. They may not be quite as successful as their Fixer breatherin, but they don't have to deal in knock-offs and illegal items either. Usually backed by a corporation or Syndicate, the Salesmen are their walking outlet store to the general population.

Selling everything from prototype military shotguns and NASA Hydrogen power-converters to Lunar Red-Eye, the Salesman can be found in every faucet of life. Dealing with Cops and Thugs alike, the most successful of them develep a "neutral territory" feel to their clients. The less successful usually end up dead.

Nevertheless, the motive is always profit--with a keen eye on the bottom line. You better scam and sell better than your brother down the Street, or you might just end up working for him.


  • The Pitch
  • Awareness/Notice
  • Education and General Knowledge
  • Persuasion/Fast Talk
  • Human Perception
  • Personal Grooming
  • Wardrobe and Style
  • Oratory
  • Mathematics or Stock Market
  • Expert: (Pick a Product)
The Pitch: The Salesmen's (or woman's) ability to convince the customer to buy something that they are selling. Similar to a Reporter's Credability mixed with a Fixer's Street Deal. This works as both, but at only 1/2 the skill level. The Pitch is based on an average of the character's EMP and INT stats.

Watermelon Dealer

"1000 Woolongs each, including tax. Cash only. No money cards or cash cards allowed. What? You don't have any money? Hey kid, no use staring. If you want food, go someplace like the town."

Watermelon Dealer
Middle of Nowhere on Io

Antique Electronics Salesman

"You don't know what this is? Oh, all right, do you want me to explain? Back in the 20th century, they didn't use disks like we do to record movies. They used things called videotapes, which are in cassettes like this. It's not digital! It's analog! And to top it off, it's magnetic... Yeah, magnetic! They were recording with electromagnetic signals! Ain't that amazing? But a disagreement between the companies who created this technology resulted in two standards, Beta and VHS. Beta had a small cassette for their day and the playback decks were compact and didn't take much space. You didn't get that much noise when using the special replay features like still frame and slow motion. And, because Beta had high quality images users who were into good graphics supported it really heavily. But, there begins the unfortunate history of the Beta tape."

Antique Electronics Salesman
Business District, Ares City, Mars

[Assassin] [Combat Engineer] [Cop] [Corporate] [Cowboy]
[Detective] [Doctor] [Drifter] [Fixer] [Gambler] [Hacker]
[Model] [Musician] [Pilot] [Politician] [Reporter] [Salesman]
[Soldier] [Street-Preacher] [Syndicate] [Techie] [Thug] [Trucker]

Pilot and Detective original Character Roles for Cyberpunk by Jon Schow, used with permission.

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